Parade Rules

We ask your cooperation so that the Parade and Rally will be successful and everyone will have a good time.
1. Today is our day.
2. Each Union is required to have its own security or a minimum number of Sergeant At Arms to represent your delegation.
3. Unions will convene East of Broad on “E” Street on the South side of the divider. Line up upon arrival in order of arrival. Unions will march West on “E” Street. Please do NOT stand around or line up in the intersection or on Broad Street.
4. If you have a float, please march behind your float.
5. Please march behind your Union banner in an organized manner.
6. Please march in orderly rows of 6. If you have groups of 50 or more, march in rows of 8.
7. Please ask your members to throw ALL trash in trash bags or boxes at the convening area and at the park site. DO NOT throw trash in the streets or on the lawns at the park site or along parade route.
8. Alcoholic Beverages, Illegal Drugs, and Fire Arms are absolutely prohibited.
9. Signs of commercial nature are prohibited.
10. Signs with Politicians names, political parties, or other individual promotional material are prohibited. This parade is to promote labor issues only.
11. Skate boards are prohibited for safety reasons.
12. A flat bed truck will be provided for parade participants who need assistance.
13. Persons not following instructions are not welcome and will be asked to vacate the event activities.
14. Persons engaging in physical disruption will be asked to leave the event activities.
15. If you need medical assistance ask parade security to assist you or direct you to a telephone.
16. Intra-union or inter-union disputes are to be conducted on the other 364 days in the year. Let’s have a good time together.
17. Individuals from the community shall march behind the unions at the back of the line up.
18. NO commercial sales, signs, or other advertising will be allowed.
Thank you for participating in the Labor Day Parade and Rally,
The Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Labor Day Coalition.